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Marie Martin
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About Me I am a single mother, an English teacher (high school), an avid reader and writer. I love traveling, walking, being near the ocean, and learning new things. I like being active.
Marie Martin
Bethenny Frankel and Ricky Gervais
566 days ago

Bethenny really was wonderful. I have to be honest, up until this episode on your show I never thought of her as real. She seemed fake in many ways. She is rich, on tv, elegant, and seemed beyond the average woman;however, on this show she earned my respect and she really echoed a lot of my feelings right now. I too am going through a divorce and feel like a failure. I too see my daughter as my gift and in some ways my savior. I too focus on work to get through. I know how difficult it is to admit your marriage failed and I cannot imagine how difficult it is to see your story on the cover of so many magazines. She is lucky to have the money to make it on her own. (As a teacher, I am trying to figure out how to buy a house and support my daughter on my own; I wake up at night worrying about so many things!) I am amazed by the people who show support, by the people who criticize, and by the people who simply ignore me or do not offer help or ask how things are going when they must know I am suffering. (Unfortunately many of these people are family members!)I appreciated Bethenny admitting she too has encountered these things (probably more harshly and more publicly than I!) It amazes me how often people comment on divorce as though those who are divorced obviously did something to deserve it; Bethenny mentioned this too when she said people say she chose her career over her marriage. It is ridiculous. I appreciate Ellen's support of Bethenny and of all people who are suffering. Divorce is not easy.Thank Bethenny for her voice, her strength, and her courage. let her know I too cannot talk about ti without crying. I am sure there are many people (both male and female out there suffering in a similar way, so I really wish people would be kinder simply by asking how the person is or by offering a compliment on occasion. Small things make bad days better!

Marie Martin
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
602 days ago

What I want in life is to be able to start my next phase of life (post-divorce) by being able to afford a cozy home by the beach as a home for me, my daughter, and our dog and being able to financially and emotionally support my daughter through high school and then college. I want to have my ex-husband be financially and emotionally okay too. I want to teach my daughter that people may divorce but not become nasty or mean towards one and other. I want the chance to continue teaching and helping high schoolers. I want to learn more about Autism so I may help my nephew/godson thrive. I want to be able to explore this world, learn new things, meet more people, and enjoy the places we are lucky enough to visit. I want to be able to laugh each day and enjoy life's opportunities!

Marie Martin
One Direction and Keira Knightley
624 days ago

I love the ED show mainly because it makes the viewer feel positive and inspired. For me, I am lucky that the show airs in Massachusetts around the time I get home from work. I am single mother and a high school English teacher, so some days are completely exhausting, and when the ED show comes on it often is a lovely little break in the day (although I rarely sit while the show is on...more often I am packing lunches, cleaning, supervising homework, or correcting papers!!!!). My 14-year-old daughter and I watch the show together. We love Amy's antics; in fact, my daughter wanted to say song lyrics to strangers at a recent craft fair we attended, but I stopped her out of fair if a teenager doing this! Who doesn't love a show that begins with jokes and dancing and usually ends with helping others and the mantra, "Be kind to others!" The show reinforces all I have tried to teach my child and my students! I appreciate all a tv show does to inspire others to be kind and to be just. THANKS!