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Marie Kantner
Name Marie Kantner
Location Asheboro, NC
Age 20
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Hobbies Taking care of my family, Reading, Drawing Etc.
About Me My name is Marie(: I'm a full time single mommy, I have a beautiful daughter named Alex (Alexandria) and a son on the way.. I'm currently unemployed, but looking.. I'm funny, crazy and all over I believe a nice person(:
Marie Kantner
Shakira, Bethenny Frankel
444 days ago

I absolutely love you and the show, I watch you all the time! Any time that I feel down or anything like that I just watch your show. It brings me to tears to watch what wonderful help you give these people that truly need or deserve it.. It makes me hopeful for the future for me, I'm going through a tough time, being a recent single mother of a 2 year old beautiful daughter, and a son on the way.. he will be here via C-section around August 4th, I'm also unemployed, and looking but where I live no one wants to hire me, but watching the hope and happiness and relief you give these people makes me hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

Love you and the show!!
P.s. My daughter Alex said that she loves you. ( she absolutely adores you!)