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Maribeth Desley
Name Maribeth Desley
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Hobbies -watching Ellen -loving my 2 grandchildren -working hard
Maribeth Desley
Birthday Gifts from You!
364 days ago

Happiest of Birthday's Ellen!
Thank you for the uplifting, energetic and compassionate GIFT you share each day with your audience both on the set and at home.
I never want you to forget that each day makes a difference in someones life in the most positive way, I know from experience.
You have lifted my heart and kept me going through a difficult time.
Bless you for all you are and all you do, thank you for the gift you bring us every day, every year, I pray for 100 more!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY .... no one deserves it more!
Wishing you, love, health and happiness,
Maribeth Desley