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Help Peyton meet Taylor Swift and Ellen
Here is a little bit about Peyton, She is 4 years old, born in 2008, throughout my pregnancy I was considered a 'High Risk' Pantient because I had very little to absolutley no amniotic fluid (for those of you who don't know, Amniotic fluid is a protective fluid that surronds the baby inside the mothers womb)And because of my low amniotic fluid, Peyton was unable to move around inside me, which ultimately led to Peyton being born with low muscle tone. (Even though I had countless Ultra Sounds and Non Stress Tests throughout my pregnancy, they were unable to tell if there was going to be anything 'wrong' with my baby.) The day Peyton was born, we were air lifted to Children's Hospital where we spent the first 6 months of Peytons life. Because of Peytons low muscle tone, she was unable to breath on her own and was put on life support up until she was about 5 months old. The doctors did not expect Peyton to live past 6 months old. She is our little miracle and even though she is unable to walk, she is very smart and funny, she is our shining star and we wouldnt change her for the world. She is the highlight of our lives and the reason for many smiles and laughs each and every day. We are so thankful for her and we know that even if she may never walk, thats not ever going to stop her. She is going to go places thats forsure! Her dream is to Sing with Taylor Swift on the Ellen Degeneres Show, so please like this picture and help make her dream come true! (Ellen this is not me or any of mine just a cutie needing your aid--go to it girl)