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Marianick Benoit
Name Marianick Benoit
Location Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
Age 15
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Hobbies Singing, Acting, Listening to Miey Cyrus
About Me I just love you Ellen and Miley Cyrus. I am totally her biggest fan!!!
Marianick Benoit
Miley Cyrus, and 'Twilight'!
630 days ago

Oh my God Ellen I just LOVE Miley Cyrus. I could try every oppotunity to meet her but it won't happen. My mom has no money to afford a ticket to your show. I guess I'll never meet her but I am the biggest fan of Miley Cyrus ever to exist please tell her Marianick Benoit is in love with her and that I will always be there to support my growing idol. I <3 Miley Cyrus!!!!!!!