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marian rutch
Name marian rutch
Location summit hill, Pennsylvania
Age 74
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Hobbies Sitting and waiting are my hobbies.
About Me :-( Many many years ago I was diagnosed with acute anxiety and panic disorders, with many phobias. "Monk" and I would be a team. In the meantime, the reason for np hobbies are my husband (yes, I married at 18) another unbelievable story! Not a "had to" Had 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys. My 1 son passed at 17 days old of what was called then "crib death", but referred today as "Sids". Then in 1971, 13 years of marriage, my husband and son were killed in a 1 car auto mishap. Had 3 young girls depending on this very scared and felt incapable of taking care of them, supporting them,teaching them.....and things I couldn't even do myself. Amazingly, all 3 of my girls have become successes. Not sure how they did it. Now I am a grandmother of6 children and great grandma (they call me Bum Bum" (another story) of 4 children. Now that they are all married and on their own, I find myself just sitting, watching "Ellen"If you only knew all, you would encourage me to write a book. Although I would have to call it "fiction" as no one would believe all that has happened that I didn't mention. I got as far as a title for my book. "God's Favorite Toy" ???Oh, I know for sure HE iswith me and guided me every step of this journey. Can't imagine, now how we made it when I was a widow at age 30, my husband 33 when he died, my son was 8. I better stop. Thanks, Ellen.