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Mariah Branham
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Mariah Branham
Get a Toys for Tots Radio Flyer
231 days ago

Hi Ellen! Just wanted to say thanks for making everyone's holiday brighter. Just watching your show and seeing how much you help others really puts me in a better mood and makes my day.

Mariah Branham
Day 3 of 12 Days, Jake Gyllenhaal
232 days ago

Hi Ellen! I have contacted your show before but this time I just wanted to ask is there anyway to put your whole show on the website to watch? I try to watch your online clips and I try to watch on TV too but I don't have cable and your show sadly doesn't always come in. sometimes I get to watch the beginning and not the end. When I watch your 12 days of giveaways I dream of winning but then the TV always says no signal when the names are listed. I know my dream is unlikely to come true but do you have an option for watching entire episodes online I am unaware of? If so please let me know. By the way I love how you always brighten everyones day and are so positive and funny. Keep up the good work. We love you!