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Maria Williamson
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About Me I work as a Sales Associate at Macy's. My husband and I married late, I was 47 and my husband is 50. We were both single. We never really had a honeymoon. The story was that I thought Holiday Inn at Philadelphia was a nice hotel so since we were in a budget, I booked our wedding night there and when we checked in, we wanted to have some drinks and the restaurant was closed. So my husband and I went to a small bar near the place and bought a six pack of beer and since my husband smoke, we had to stay in the car in the parking lot and drank our beers. We felt like we were sneaking out from our parents. We just stayed there for the night and as soon as the sun was up we were out of there. It's fun but its also frustrating. But the real winner is that my husband and I are happily married after 6 years.
Maria Williamson
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506 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I and my husband totally love your show. My husband finds you cute. I have always wanted to see your show but I don't drive on the freeway and it will be like an hours drive my place. I hope someday I would be able to see you in person. I love your show especially when you are giving to people or organizations. I would always find myself in tears and happy for them.

Ellen, I myself would like to help a co-worker. She lost her mom before christmas of last year. She's an only child and she and her dad are struggling to cope up with their lost. Her name is Tamar. She is our fitting room person in our department at Macy's South Coast Plaza. Tamar is hard working and helpful to customers and colleagues, too. She's going to be studying in a university next semester and I know that they are struggling financially since her Mom was in and out of the hospital before she passed. I am proud of Tamar because she is one of the kids at work that would like to get a college degree.

I hope Ellen you can help her with somehow. More power to your show and may God Bless you always. You are an inspiration to other people. We love you.

Yours truly,

Maria Williamson