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Maria Simpson
Name Maria Simpson
Location Las Cruces, NM
Joined 543 days ago
Hobbies artist, and watching Ellen at 4PM every weekday...luv ya Ellen!
About Me I am single, mild manaered, able to leap buildings in a single bound. I live with my 3 kitties
Maria Simpson
Your Face on The Ellen Show!
314 days ago

I live in New Mexico. Can you please bring me to your show? I watch everyday. I've sent messages before.I love you in a grandmotherly way.

Maria Simpson
What's Trending This Week
350 days ago


I'm watching you now, with Matt Lauer (Spelled right?). My favorite moment during the last ten years was when George Clooney finally came on your show. You had been seeking him out seriously!

I have a photo of the TV while George was just arriving and my two cats were climbing on their cat lounges in front of the TV. I have searched for that photo to send to you, but have not found it yet.
Keep doing all the wonderful things you do, Love Maria

Maria Simpson
Message from Ellen
483 days ago

I always spend part of my afternoons with someone I love. I love you Ellen! My love is like a mother's love. I am 67 years young, and I am so proud of you. Love Maria