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maria rosario
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About Me I'm a mom of 4 , a wife ,I work very hard as a cna....I enjoy life and I don't let nothing,stop me no even my RA.....I'm a my friends and I always try to give the best of me..
maria rosario
Lisa Jarmon Sees Her New Home
105 days ago

Hi ,first I want to say hi Ellen,,,, I wonder if u ever get this posts, and I also wonder if I'm in the right place .... but anyways, I know u are doing this segment of Ellen's dream home.....well my husband and I just bought a house farrrrrrrrrr from dreamieeeee...... but our budget was in the very small size, and this house is on a great neighborhood,,, which is first choice .... but this house is soooooo small and when I say small girl is small.... well here's my problem other than the small house .... and side bar - we are a family of 5 in a 3 tiny bedrooms,... we work very hard , I'm a cna which I take care of elderly people every day even tho my job is hard and many people just don't appreciate our labor I do it with love ....but in order for us to even begin to make plans I have to work double... anyways like u say....I just need help making my mini house .in something good...and if u ever read this and u think my story is worth your about the dream house we give it to someone else in more need....I just need a little help PLEASE....