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Maria Rico
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Bruno Mars!
165 days ago

hello from Brampton Ontario! Love your show Ellen. The other day my son said " I feel like Ellen is part of our family" true! I always watch your show and we are always around the dinner table when your show is on. We love your energy, your so funny and so sincere and humble. Keep up the great work and do not let fame ever change you. God bless. P.S I literally stood up and clapped with the audience after Bruno Mars said his speech. So inspiring and a wonderful heartfelt speech that will definitely inspire young artists and in general people who say it will never happen. I loved that he addressed the New York press! I hate when the press always focus on the negative things in life. All the best with Portia......happy valentine,s day. All the best. Xoxo. Your fan for life. Maria Rico.