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Maria Lonna
Name Maria Lonna
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Hobbies Love watching Ellen!!!!!Everyday!!! Dancing, reading & having fun
About Me I am a 17 y.o. girl from Moscow, Russia and I love Ellen from the bottom of my heart. She changed my life and showed me what is real beauty and what is pure love. I love dancing - I was doing it for 11 years and I had to quit because of my back injury. Still, dancing is my true passion! This years is my last at school and then I have a dream to study in college in Canada. And Ellen is helping me everyday to believe in me and to pursue all my goals
Maria Lonna
Ellen's Backup Singers
516 days ago

Ellen, I like this hairstyle!! Please, do not change it to the other side, You look a little bit older. You are still perfect, though! (could not comment to that one monologue-comments are disabled there)
And please, we need to see you dancing! with Dance beats you seem to be so small on a tv screen and nobody can see your face while you are dancing, but it's precious! Could you please make it full screen?

Love&adore you