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Maria Kovacs
Name Maria Kovacs
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Hobbies Painting art, Love of animals
About Me I am not working due to lost job. Now I can spend my time to paint oil and watercolor and hopefully I can have my own exhibition soon I am 54 years old
Maria Kovacs
Halle Berry and Zendee Rose Tenerefe
635 days ago

Dear Ellen, I like your show so much, because you are so funny and very nice person. You Oprah and Whoopie is my ultimate favourites in television because always smart caring and funny. Please send me a ticket or two when you giving away gifts!!! Ha ha ha Love you Marika Kovacs
Ps. I helped a lot of people and animals in my life and I always stop when I see smvn is in trouble even if they don't ask for help My Mom was a social worker(in Hungary) I learned a lot from her