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Maria Celia Hernandez
Name Maria Celia Hernandez
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Hobbies sewing,Knetting,crochet,drawing, DGital drawing,and more.
About Me I am 60, love animals I volunteer for online andin the internet for Activistm and Advocate for different org. people and other,I love and like who you are and what you do.Your contribution for animals ,diseases to the artists and music.I love your Show. I am a fan of PCH.Prize patrol and sweepstakes. I volunteer on my own to help pets find someone to take them home .Well they show the pet and they write about the pet I just present the pet and give a little push of love and care. Some have been adopte and That makes me so happy. I lost my dog could not save him from an accident that left him so bad and the operation was to much for me to pay I had no money to pay $5,000.00 for his operation and I had to eutanized him But I stood with himm all the time until he died in my arms.I never left him in that moment. I suffer greatly. He was my baby .My Puppy Love.I do allot of searching in the facebook to see If I can help .I can not work so I do a little volunteer without people knowing is a volunteer act.I love Facebook the best in Communication . I love watch Ellen weekly and believe I will meet her.I thanks God and your mother for having a great lady who gives her best to the Public and share her gift of laughter and creativity with the world.Thank you, Thank you for whqat you give to the Public.Blessings all.MCH