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Maria Cassidy
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About Me Like you I choose to live my life through good deeds, kindness and with a smile..and of course, the occasional are an inspiration and an incredible talent...thanks for making us all laugh and dance!
Maria Cassidy
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250 days ago

Ellen I love your show and watch you all the time..You are such an are so "real and sincere"...there are no heirs about you and I admire everything you stand bullying...take care of our pets and be kind to one another...I have written to you before and have no way of helping a family who gravely need help.. They are the most wonderful family of 7 ...they live in a very modest 1000 sq foot home and are bursting at the seams...recently their 4 year old daughter Riley was diagnosed with a very very rare brain illness HPE and they have faced their worse fears...I would like nothing else but to help them out financially...Their desire is to move into a larger Riley can have room to flourish and their other 4 children don't have to share a bedroom...if there is anything you can do to help this family with the greatest Xmas present ever, I beg you to help...You will never find more a loving, kind and gracious nor well deserving family...Please God I ask you to find your way to Ellen's ears and heart...Thank you. Maria Cassidy