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maria brajkovic
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
531 days ago

dear ellen, my name is maria and im your most biggest fan ever i have to be home so i can see you on tv at 12pm so i will have to drop what im doing, so you always make me feel care free, i have two son's that love your show.. we had to move to a samll town as now have my father needs full care and the only thing i was missing, was no power and that means NO ELLEN SHOW for two days on our tv... but i have you on my iphone now so i take ellen with me every where, i take in unwanted pets and one's that have been hit by cars so life is full on but it makes me truly happy, all that im missing is to see ellen in person... ellen im your bigest fannnnnnn maria brajkovic ps i hope you make it to young n.s.w...