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Maria Arsenault
Name Maria Arsenault
Location Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
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Hobbies Watching your show and playing games on facebook
About Me I am divorced and live by myself. I've worked for a Loblaws company (Millidgeville Superstore) for 30yrs. I have a daughter 32, and a son 28. My daughter works and lives in Western Canada and my son lives in my hometown. I have a granddaughter whose will be 2 in August. I really love watching your show. You make me laugh.
Maria Arsenault
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593 days ago

Hi Ellen! I was just wondering if anyone from Canada is eligible to win any of your 12 days of Christmas. I live in Saint John, New Brunswick. and I follow your show whenever I'm not working and sometimes I take my dinner hour around the time of your show when it airs here. We have a TV in our lunch room. I really love your show and you make me laugh when I have a stressful day. Would really love to win something from your show. Thank You!!! M. You and Portia please have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.