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Maria Arroyo
Name Maria Arroyo
Location Kenora, ontario
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About Me I watch your program I do crafts I look after Canela, Pedro, Luis and Carlos, is it.
Maria Arroyo
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267 days ago

Justin Hines
Fun thought provoking video by Ash and Bloom. Lets spread it with the question.....will you make it?

Hey Ellen this is my 1st time writing ever please watch this video this guy are amazing and together with Mrs. Justin Hines, they are using their talent to rise money and donating it to organizations that care for people with desirability (mental of physical)They Just did a tour from Canada all the way to the USA raising money.They all travel and a very small,little RV that broke down every time they took a sharp turn but that did not make them stop or said the $#@%%& with this lets go home, oh no they didn't. they just kept going anyway. HA, did I mention the Mrs. Hines suffers from a disease that prevent him from walking and he has being on wheel chair since he was a child. It don't matter to him because he makes beautiful music and he is and amazing signer.