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Maria Arreola
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Maria Arreola
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595 days ago

I could use the money right now to give it to my parents for being so hardworking and buy christmas for the family .Also,give the trip to my sisters in laws because they are the most amazing people in the world for helping my sister get her dream act and taking care of her. I really want to repay each of my family member for being there for me.But mostly my parents because even though im the only child on the house out of the 3 sisters ,they still waste more money on me . And they spoil me when they have the money. I want to give them back like they do with. Thank you for keeping smile on my face Ellen.Your show is so amazing. I can be more open as a lesbian and be confident because whats there to hide?Why should I be afraid? Thanks to you theres a smile and no thoughts of killing myself because hatred from other people. You are amazing Ellen! thanks .<3

Maria Arreola
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598 days ago

Ellen ,I love your show so much:D
I love watching your show .Thank you for making me laugh everyday when I am down and making me happy when I am even more happy. I did message you ,please read my email. ;[