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About Me I love Ellen's Show it makes my day everyday since i became unemployed in 2007. it make me laugh. I am a positive person who wakes each day happy looking forward to the magic and miracles we all have to see and enjoy!
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
593 days ago

Hi Ellen, What I want is a car to give me back my freedom and independence along with my dignity. My car was reposed, when my Dad passed away 2 years ago, his passing was on my mom’s birthday Sept. 15, my Mom passed years ago. I lost my job in 2007, which brought me to you, from the first day that July I watched your show which turn the tears to laughter, and to date no matter what I’m doing I watch your show. Sometimes more than once, as I do not have cable I have an antenna that picks up your show here in San Diego at 3pm on channel 39, and from LA at 4pm channel 4. Unable to get a job, I live on Survivor Benefits from my x-husband s passing. I raised my two children on my own and always worked more then one job, as my X gave no child support. Having no job at present also makes it difficult to go to a doctor or dentist. I was lucky as my doctor cared more about his patients, then what insurance they had or if they could pay the bill. He would always say he did not know how I made my income work. Each year I would get a Christmas card, saying he wiped out my balance weather $10 or $100. He died this year 2 years to the day my Dad passed Sept. 15. I had a tree planted in Israel in his honor. I have always worked hard; everyone needs hope and a purpose in life. Therefore, I have been thinking outside the box, I have an invention I want to sell, but need blue print, prototype to patent. That will allow me to live my passion, to be a published author, so I can write until the day I die; I ‘am writing my 2nd book. Ellen I know that your heart is to help those that need your assistance, to give them that open door, so they can walk though, with courage $ head held high to know they can take care of themselves and live with the generosity they have in their hearts, dignity and grace. For me getting a car, will give me the legs to get the opportunities, to fulfill my passion, live a fill happy life. Thank you for being you; your genuine sincerity for people truly comes across the TV.