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margo johnson
Name margo johnson
Location Hardwick, VT
Age 36
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Hobbies reading, looking for work, camping, spending time with my kids, fishing, hunting, swimming, cookouts, riding bikes with my daughter
About Me I am a mother of three children. I am trying my hardest right now to do what ever it takes to become a success. I have some college credits, but have figured out that the reality is that these days your education really doesnt do any good, not past highschool anyways. I am trying to make a go at haveing my own online business,..I want to be an IBO so bad I can taste it.
margo johnson
Jimmy Kimmel, and a Big Announcement from Ellen!
562 days ago

I was really hoping that ellen could have helped me and my children out for the 12 days gifts,..they really didnt have a christmas this year :( i wrote her and so did my 9 yr old daughter. I guess she thought someone else needed it more. Good luck to the family that ellen is helping out this year.
Always remember to pay it forward because everyone needs a helping hand sometime.
Love your show ellen. See you tomorrow on ABC