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Marge Avery
Name Marge Avery
Location Oakland park, Fl
Age 57
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Hobbies Joking, gardening, correcting others people's grammar, walking, watching old movies...
About Me I'm a high school English teacher. I love my students. I think they love me too because they know I love them and because I'm witty.
Marge Avery
Kellie Pickler, Giuliana and Bill Rancic
476 days ago

As much as I love you Ellen, I am sorry, but as an English teacher I must point out that Kellie was right. It is "with my husband and me," not "and I" as you corrected her. Ugh. Makes me job harder every day! Do you know there is an association for the defense of the apostrophe? Maybe you could do a segment similar to your funny signs about how language is constantly misused by Celebes etc. I'm available as a consultant. Between you and I. Or us. Or I just am.