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Name Marge
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Hobbies watching Elleen
About Me In 2009 I lost 9 people in my life including brother husband mother . I have 2 small dogs that without them I think I would have gone out of my mind and my friend ,and I thank GOD every day for them.I am a senior companiom and I love it,I get to help other people,I would love to be able to win something any thing I think it would be great I would love to be able to go to your 12 days of give-a-way
12 Days Tix and Australia! Are You Koala-fied?
386 days ago

Know one from around here has EVER won as far as I know and Id like to be the first

See the Winners from Day 2 of 12 Days
601 days ago

How can I win the 12 days of Chirstmas??????