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margaret wissing
Name margaret wissing
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Hobbies gardening , fishing , football
About Me I am a housewife, mother, pharmacy tech and grandmother. I love my jobs. After a fall I can't do some of them as much as I would like ,but no worries I just do what god lets me . I love to give back to people if I can . I think it is what you are suppose to do in this life .
margaret wissing
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241 days ago

Dear Ellen, hello! I love your show ! Your are a very kind soul and you are very funny. I don't really want to win the 12 days of Christmas for me. I would like to win them and give some of them to my son and his family . He is deployed in Kuwait and then give the rest to the other soldier families at the armoury. He has two small boys riley and Reagan . He has been gone since august and will not be home this year . I am sure that there are some families that could use whatever gifts you are giving . thanks Maggie . may god bless you and your family for the holidays.