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Margaret Sansom
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About Me Hmmmm? Where to start? Retiring in 2004 after teaching in the continuation high school in Barstow, CA, for 34 years, I have traveled to Europe three times, visited friends in the western US, enjoyed three national parks, and participated in a number of workshops and seminars over the past almost 10 years. I stay as active as possible given a few problems with my good friend "Arthur," short for arthritis; and I enjoy waking up each day to find out what new adventure might arise. I am known as The Declutter Queen on Facebook and post hints five days a week to help others figure out how to deal with all the "stuff" that holds them back from realizing their dream of having a clutter-free existence. In 2011, a friend and I wrote a book titled "Tidbits for Living; and I posted my master's thesis titled "War and Peace: The Third Epilogue" on Kindle last year. My current writing project is "Clutter Clearing: The Kitchen," an ebook I plan to have done by the end of March. In short, life is fun, fun, fun; and my motto is "If it ain't fun, I ain't gonna do it."
Margaret Sansom
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Terry Bradshaw!
220 days ago

Love your show and love that cap you gave Terry Bradshaw. Where can I get one? I shaved my head last Wednesday in support of a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy, and I have a big head to cover from the cold, especially since I'll be going to Bishop for the holidays. I've got at least five more months of having no hair and will undoubtedly have a lot of use for stocking caps and beanies.

I now fully appreciate what men go through having to shave all the time. Yikes!

Margaret Sansom, aka: Ms Sam