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Margaret Nowak
Name Margaret Nowak
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Hobbies I love watching Ellen everyday and spending time with my Best friend my husband John and our Beautiful daughter Fallon who is 13 and our dog Noodles who is 5 now and we rescued from shelter this makes my life complete.
About Me I am 47 years old and recently went through a very rough 2 years. We lost our home in New Jersey after being in the house my whole life and relocated to Florida to start over. Not easy at all when you leave all your family and friends behind to start over and pray it works out. I am strong but I feel so bad for my daughter who has to make all new friends and be the new girl. It hurts but I hope we made the right choice. Please keep me in your prayers Ellen because you have brought me and my family threw some really difficult times and I thank you for that. Keep dancing and those beautiful eyes say it all!!!! I hope to meet you one day!!! I will keep writing and hopefully one day my dream will come true like you do for so many others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Margaret Nowak
Vote for Your Favorite Moment from Season 10!
429 days ago

Dear Ellen, My favorite show from season 10 is when Kai sang to you the Bruno Mars song and he held your hand when the song said I hope he holds your hand. He is so cute and he sings with his eyes closed and he really loves you as his girlfriend and you have the bracelet to prove it. My sister,daughter,husband and brother in law all thought he is so amazing at 4 years old. God Bless him and keep having him on your show just like Sophia Grace and Rosie we love them toooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Margaret Nowak
Bid on Justin Bieber's Underwear!
434 days ago

My daughter name is Fallon and she is the BIGGEST JUSTIN BIEBER FAN EVER!!!!!! She is 13 years old and has loved him since User and Scooter found him as a little boy on U TUBE. She reads every Teen Magazine or T14 with him in it. She has every poster and pictures all over of him. It sometimes scare me because she worries more about him then her schoolwork1!! Her dream is to meet him in person!!! She would do anything to meet him which scares me as a parent. I wish we could meet him because it would make my little girl so happy. She is a wonderful child and she has given up a lot just to have a chance to meet him Ellen please help us to make this happen so we can meet you to our role model and kind hearted women that you are!!!! I see you make so many people happy now it's our turn!!!! Hope to hear from your team soon!!!! May God Bless You and all you do everyday for everyone Amen. Love your BIGGEST FAN Margaret

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