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Margaret Jorgensen
Name Margaret Jorgensen
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Hobbies Music, great books, beach floating....
About Me I am a single mom with one son who of course I think is a wonderful and kind-hearted young man - I am blessed with a beautiful family and community of friends. I have been an elementary school teacher for 30+ years and have found my nest in the best school and community in the world as an Inner City Principal. I am fortunate. :)
Margaret Jorgensen
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194 days ago

More than Vegas, more than a TV - I would LOVE to be part of Ellen's audience!

Margaret Jorgensen
Message from Ellen
318 days ago

You inspire me Ellen to be the best person I can be - to give back where I can and to meet life with a smile always!! Looking forward to the new season and Earth Wind and Fire!!!!...the very first live concert I ever went to!