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Margaret Hackett
Name Margaret Hackett
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Hobbies reading, cooking
About Me I am divorce. I work with ay middle school in the Multi Disabilities classroom for 13 years Love my job! I have 3 grown Beautiful Daughters which one you met. I have 5 grandkids 3 girls 2 boys. I belong to the Eagles Aries 2117. I love to dance.
Margaret Hackett
Message from Ellen
234 days ago

Ellen you make me laugh ! I love your show ! My sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year has gone through surgery ,chemo and radiation . She is my Hero! She is so strong and up beat kept working throughout the horrible treatments and WE are so glad that she is still with us !! If you read this maybe some how some way you can work your magic and put the 2 of us in your audience . She doesn't know I sent this, she loves your show, and loves Sophie and Grace too .

Margaret Hackett
It's a Bonus 12 Days Giveaway!
252 days ago

My daughter Samantha Tierney was on your show 11-21- 2013. She won a TV and gets to come back for the Christmas Giveaway on Dec 4th, Please Please Please can I come with her and be in the Audience too so she doesn't have to be by herself this time round? You don't have to give me anything.(but I wouldn't turn it down LOL) just seeing you in person and being there in the Audience would be a Once in a Lifetime Experience that she and I will Never forget! Thanks for the most awesome Experience for my daughther! We Love you Ellen !!!!!