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Margaret Faraino
Name Margaret Faraino
Joined 346 days ago
Hobbies Reading, walking, Grandchildren, cooking, family
About Me I am 61 and suddenly unemployed after working as a school secy. for over 29 years...So right now not happy...Very sad...Ellen show perks me up for awhile.. My hubby wishes it was on all day.
Margaret Faraino
Win All of Today's Gifts from 12 Days!
123 days ago, today's gifts we we my favorites.. You are killing me. I have been trying to win, be a guest. Anything for these 12 days of gifts.. I am about ready to give up. I believe you do not read the mail.. Cause I am. Begging.. Please reconsider. Margaret faraino

Margaret Faraino
Lady Gaga on Her Boyfriend
145 days ago

So wishing to meet you..wondering if you really read these. Have been writing,sending pix begging for a few years but just since April, very often. Really wishing something good will finally happen.. I believe in you. Hope to wish you a merry Christmas in person.. So hoping Ellen

Margaret Faraino
Memorable Moment: Heidi Styles Ellen
346 days ago

Omg. Ellen. Your show makes my day. And my daughter just reminded me that I emailed you to help her with a kitchen makeover. Never heard from u. And she sent u a video of my granddaughter dancing. She is fantastic. Take it for. Me. A grandma. And Juliana's MImi... Please ELlen. We need u. Help us. We are down.