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Margaret Amaya
Name Margaret Amaya
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Hobbies gardening, baking and spending time with my grandchildren
About Me I have been married for 35 years and have 2 grown children and have 4 grandchildren ages 14, 6, 4 and 2... I have a strong beleif in the Lord and love going to church... I am very family oriented and love spending time with them ..
Margaret Amaya
Worried About Gifts This Season?
603 days ago


As you know the holidays are fast approaching and I am currently unemployed, my husband works full time and pays ALL the bills.... The people I am concerned about providing gifts for are my 4 grandchildren ages 15, 7, 5 and 2 ... I have always purchased gifts for my husband and 2 children but this year doesn't seem to be looking like that will happen...
If at all possible I would love your help to make this the best Christmas ever for my family, honestly for all of us.

Thank You Ellen

Margaret Amaya
Halle Berry and Zendee Rose Tenerefe
634 days ago

Hello Ellen.... I just want to say Thank You for being a blessing to so many people through out the world... I just finished watching the show where you surprised a mother of 4... she was so deserving ... Ellen I would like to ask you if there is anyway you would be able to help my daughter, she is a single mother of 2 girls ages 14 and 4, my daughter Tina works at a self-service store in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is struggling to make ends meet.... she lives in an apartment where it seems the rent goes up often, it is up to $800.00 a month and she also has to pay utilities on her own...Ellen the apartment she lives in is invested with roaches and some tenants are now reporting that they have seen mice.... Ellen my daughter has tried to move out now that her lease is up at the end of this month but is unable to due to her being behind in her rent and other bills she doesn't have the money for a deposit and first months rent for another place that is kept up ... Tina and the girls are needing clothes and the daily needs that us girls use, Ellen my daughter drives a car that is old and is costing money to keep it going... Tina is currently receiving food stamps and the state feels she is making to much money and gives her $180 a month for 3 people... I would appreciate any help possible... Tina deserves so much more. Please feel free to contact me
Margaret A.
Rocky Ford, CO. 81067