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Name margaret
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Hobbies football, pool and mostly having fun with kids
About Me Am a kenyan lady, age 28 almost 29. Have 11 sisters and brothers. living in germany
'Did You Know' with Kevin Nealon
553 days ago

Dear ellen well was just asking when would you visite germany may be in köln

Naomi Watts, Day 7 of 12 Days!
594 days ago

hi ellen well i new here and as i did say last time i love your mum and you so much i see how you like helping people and make fun and all of that i am goner say one thing to you ellen my wish is that may be this year or next year you help one child in africa may be kenya,somalia, uganda, ethiopi or any where else and if i will ever see that you did that i will be sooooooo thankful for that i cant say i have everything but i have enough of my self and above all i have a girl who love me soo much and that enough as long as i have food somewhere to sleep and end can buy most of the thing i will never ask for anything but help thoes who sleep with no food no bed nothing at all and GOD will bless you

Message from Ellen
595 days ago

hallo ellen am well i always watch you in you tube since i live in germany well for me the best part and the best moment is with your mum you have the best mum any one can ask for i like her so much but that does not mean i dont like you i do but she is just cool and happy for what ever you do wish ym mum was like that but that does not mean i dont like my mum i do so thanx for making people happy and for the help you do may GOD bless you as you help and bless you