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marcy mcmickle
Name marcy mcmickle
Location frankfort, ky
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Hobbies work/watch tv/ and take care of my 86 year old mom. I love to play games on the computer, I love to do crafts but have little time to do it. I love my pets ones that no one wanted or were going to put to sleep and I will take them in and feed them and generally keep them from being put to sleep.
About Me I love to play computer games but very scared when things come up a corpt site.. so don't register and do things when it does. I watched the 12 days of christmas faithfully but was scared after i got a message a corpt site. I love to cook,I love to window shop I love to look at things and see how they are made I try to make other peoples holidays a happy one, along with birthdays and anniversaries neglecting my own just to see people smile. I love seeing people get things they don't expect. i don't decorate at home for the holidays mainly because i generally work every holiday but i have been sick and have been home this holiday season, and I lost my father and that has made it hard on me too, but I do cook and take meals to people, or leave treats at there door often not saying its me..
marcy mcmickle
Emma Thompson, Lenny Kravitz
219 days ago

If you do read this , I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I thank you for all the help, gifts, items, attention things you have done for all the people over the past year. Your kindness has brought happiness, laughter, need and most of all love to those who really need it. Your an inspiration to us all. The little things in life are what really count and you are the greatest. Your smile and your thoughts are genuine. Stay the way your are and continue to bring happiness, and good will to all. I enjoy watching your show and your smile.