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Marco from Italy
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Marco from Italy
Christina Aguilera, Day 5 of 12 Days!
601 days ago

HI dear Ellen!
This is Marco from Italy. I have a favour to ask. Would you mind to tell Christina that she has to move her big ass (that she is so proud of) and start promoting SERIUOSLY her new project LOTUS? Since Bionic she is not the same a fan, what I see, is that she doesn't care anymore about her image as a popstar! Xtina is a number 1 singer...that's where she deserves to stay! and she will always be my numer 1! I have been following her everyday of my life since 2001,and I want to see her back to the top, where she belongs! Her voice, her receords are amazing, but she has to work seriously and hard to promote and make sure that everyone can appreciate her hard work, not only me! Thanks Ellen...and Merry Xmas to you and my beloved Xtina!!!! Marco from Rome