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marcella hall-hill
Name marcella hall-hill
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Hobbies well, i use to read, jog, now my hobbies are giving to ppl in need.
About Me I'm a certain age, but my body thinks it's 15 ys younger. I love ppl, making them laugh. I help those who need. I don't look for anything in return I just ask that they return to others. (a smile) I love to travel, but don't have the funds. I would love to be on your show if God could get me there without flying. HaaHaa. hope to talk with you soon your new Cute Ass friend Marcella :-) this is my sign off to my family
marcella hall-hill
Thank You, BAND-AID®!
594 days ago

well Ellen, I didn't win again. Boo Hoot...
have a good week end and think about me winning next week:=???

it's not right they win and I don't. LOL