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I was born in Kerala, India. Before I was even born, it was decided that I was not going to have a father. My father abused my mother, and our life hasn't been the same since. My mother, brother and I decided to move to U.S in 2005. I was emotionally abused throughout school, made fun, called weird, lesbian, you name it. It was impossible to stand up on my own against these military of people who didn't want to accept me for who I was. I wasn't sking them to be my friend but treat as a human being. Why is it more easier to blend in with everyone to be acceptable? Why do we have to be white, heterosexual, and "normal" to be considered as worthy? i realized people are often paralyzed by the fear of society and how they view them. I have seen girls change themself and willing to do absolutely anything to feel accepted. I had every oppurtunity to be someone else but i chose not to be. knowing what's right and doing what's right are two different things. To go to a totally different culture and to stand up what i believed in was really hard but the strength, courage and confidence has let me through in life. I was HAPPY with being dark skinned, weird, and unique because I had my own identity which is what we all are striving to find out everyday. I am not perfect, I have made mistakes but it's what I chose to do with my mistakes and how i better myself. With this experience, I encourage everyone to stand out, tell them it's awesome to be unique and stand up for your own rights. I am not writing this be the next pretty girl or anything, I simply want to thank Ellen for teaching me to be kind to others each and everyday. It's as simple as that, I started watching Ellen last year and it's called my "happy" hour. I am smiling before and after i watch you. Thank you for making me feel worthy, special, and happy, as simple as that sounds. After being diagonaed with type 2 diabetes, i have decided to dedicate my life to others and plan on becoming a cardiologist. THANKS ELEN!!!