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Name Manon
Age 16
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Hobbies Having fun with my best friends, traveling, photographing, listening music, going to concerts of my favorite bands.
About Me I'm Manon, 15 years old, from The Netherlands (so I'm Dutch), I love to watch The Ellen Show, and there's a lot of other stuff about me =P
Adopt These Puppies!
425 days ago

Hey Ellen!

I wish I could adopt them, but my parents won't let me ='(
I already wanna have a dog my whole life, every year I write "dog" on my wishlist for Christmas and my birthday, but it didn't work out yet.

And there's an other problem: I live in The Netherlands and not in America...
So that's gonna be a bit more difficult...

I totally love your show and I watch it every day (Here in The Netherlands we are a little behind, about 2-4 weeks)!!!

Bye Ellen!

Greets Manon