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Dear Ellen

I am writing in regards to my mother in law. She is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. About 4 years ago, she was hit by a car while walking out of the grocery store. The car didn't stop until it ran over her and she was underneath it. She had to go on disability and was unable to get any help from her accident including nothing from the man who hit her. During this time she had several surgeries and has had to go through this by herself, with some help from family and friends. Just this past year she was able to walk again with little assistance. After being able to walk again, she went in for a regular check up to find that her breast cancer returned after being cancer free for 15 years.

My mother in law has one of the most giving, caring and positive attitudes I have ever seen. Even after all this, she is still positive and knows that she has a purpose here and that she will fight the cancer a second time. I have learned so much from her about hard work, determination and thoughtfulness. She thinks of everyone else before herself. She is the first to help, even though she is in constant pain. People have often told me when they have met her that they couldn't believe how sweet and positive she was after everything that she has been through.

After all of her bills to live off of are paid every month, she only has $75 left for the month for groceries. Her car is on it's last leg. It is only her and her rescue dog and rescue cat that she took in. She even thinks to take care of animals in need before herself! If anything, I think the world could learn from someone like my mother in law Christina Black.

I have watched your show for years, and have seen you make such a difference in people's lives, just by smiling and dancing! You are such an inspiration Ellen and I just thank you for even taking the time to read this letter!

Much love!
Makaila Hart