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Major Robert Gordon, USA, Retired
Name Major Robert Gordon, USA, Retired
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Hobbies author, cattle, fishing, traveling, Dogs and cats, Mules, and llamas. Wood Carving and hot rods.
About Me Retired Major, USA, living in the land of OZ after living on the gold coast for some 40 years until by wife passed away. Sold my house in Huntington Beach to my youngest daugther and took up living and healing after taken care of some 6 people who died from cancer. I am outgoing and I manage to see my children about every quarter and sometimes more.I have written a book about and Aftrican Ameican Regiment from WWII call To Any Foe and have thought of a couple of more books to write. However, I have found that its time for me to move back to the West - Arizona at least to be closer to my children and grand children. Only time will tell. I enjoy life and have a postive attitude on a daily basis and hope that during my travels and my assocication with people I have made at least one smile a day. Lots to tell about me, but I think at this time, its a good start. Robert Gordon Major, USA, Retired
Major Robert Gordon, USA, Retired
Sofia Vergara, Josh Groban
530 days ago

Hi Ellen,

First off I live in the land of OZ and I just wanted to say about Josh Groban and his brother having same birthdays. In our family, My Mother -in-Law and and here son had the same birthday, April 14. She just recently passed. Both my daughters have the same birthday, May 4 and my son and I have the same birthday, August 24. Now my wife was not happy and before she passed away with Cancer some seven years ago she had a surprise when my youngest daughter married her man and his birthday is on the 6th of August, same as her. So at one time we had 4 days to celebrate 8 bithdays. Love your Show.