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Name magnolia
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Hobbies Jogging indoors,(these unforgiving weather and my asthma ..)only indoors lm cats,dogs,ravens announcing their presence every day .....
About Me More than twenty years ago came from Tucson Az to alaska and it was the day my life will changed for ever,l lived in a very remoted areas like in the alleutians islands,going to bristol bay to emmonak ak been here traveling in small airplanes going into smaller villages seeing.bears ,caribou,foxes, in my back yard and learning the way of the beautiful way of the native people who l adore ...they openned they hearts and way of life with a single handshake from on elder ,the horizon flourish into my own eyes of knowledge of the wiser the sense of pride respect humility for all living beings .......greatness way of l lived in anchorage and looking to moved back to Tucson Az,hoping the come sooner my path here is.coming to the end and now have to go back were l started the roots ......magnolia
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562 days ago

Thanks a lot for keeping us entretaning on this ice cabin fever feeling here in alaska...l watch your show and keeps me warm and hopeful ....because what you do is what you love the most is hope for for this planet ,to search to be a better people the we are now,kids can dream big, elders have the place in youngers generations heart, and our animals can be treated with love compassion and dignity........and like u said at the end be kind to one another.........peace