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Maggie Monello
Name Maggie Monello
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Hobbies My most favorite is loving my cat, Sweetie-Pie! She is like our child.
About Me I'm turning 65 yrs old on Christmas Day (2013) and I'm married to my husband, Frank who is 63 yrs old. He had to take early retirement and beginning of October of this year I went on disability from work. I have wet macular degeneration in my left eye and dry macular degeneration in my right eye. I still love watching your show. You have been blessed with a great personality who brings laughter and joy to people. I used to tape you on my VCR, but can't anymore since my VCR is broken. I try to stay home so we can watch your show as much as I can. I also tried to enter your $5,000.00 PAL contest but can't seem to enter it with a uploaded picture. I know it must be me...the operator. Is there an email I can get to send it to you that way? God Bless you Ellen and have a wonderful Christmas.
Maggie Monello
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230 days ago

I have been trying to enter PAL $5,000.00 contest for the last two days. I can't seem to upload a picture and I see no submit button on the page to enter my letter. Could you please send me an email I can send the letter of why I would like to win and the picture of my cat that we rescued.