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My first time flying was from Iron Mtn. MI to Detroit Mi to visit my dad, I was in high school. I sat at a round table, and drank a bloody mary. My next time flying was the summer I graduated from high school. I flew to Miami , no ****tails, this time as I was pregnant. Have flown several time since. The last time I made a round trip flight, I lost the use of my left arm, a side effect of chemo, Great news! With work I have almost full use of my arm. On the way home from from that trip, I was treated rudely by the airline, we were stuck in traffic for two hours, I made the flight, a great attendant ran with my wheel chair, we barely made it, missed the connecting flight though, poor programming by the airline. and was again treated rudely. Made it home successfully! Can't wait to fly again, so I can again afford to be treated rudely! Cir***stances will change, power of positive thinking! By the way still cancer free, side effects are killing me instead! Keep Smiling!