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Madeline Knox
Name Madeline Knox
Location Palm Harbor, Florida
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Hobbies Making treasure maps; baking and gardening
About Me I am a great "mimi" ! Very proud of all of my 8 grandchildren too....I am retired now and miss working. I get bored without my own car to drive around to visit family and friends. I live with my daughter because she has nerve damage from shingles and fibromyalgia and is in a lot of pain day to bones and muscles are not so good either since having polio when I was a kid, before the vaccine came problem with living here is I do not have my own room. I wish to win cash so we can get a bigger place so I can have my own room with my own tv and own closet!! and new computer...etc... I would love to go to my granddaughter's graduation from college in New Jersey in October, but I also need enough for a hotel room cause I can not stay with anyone else up there....Ellen please help me!!!! and my family... my son has diabetes and needs help with co pays for youngest is an alcoholic and needs to be sent somewhere to save her life....I just worry all the time about everyone....why does everything boil down to money????? If I was rich, I could save a lot of people! I would do exactly what you do....give give give....I love you Ellen!!
Madeline Knox
Tiny Music Lover
386 days ago

I just love these videos,,,,,my great granddaughter always dances to your theme song, I would love for you to see her video but I can not figure out how to share it with you on would love her, like we do.....she got some moves..... lol