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Madelaine Edwards
Name Madelaine Edwards
Location Galway, Ireland
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Hobbies Creating digital art, singing, playing video games, surfing the internet and listening to music.
About Me I like art, most things Japanese, I'd love to visit America, Japan, Italy and many other countries. I draw many pictures, traditional and digital, I sing a lot and I go to an all girls' school. I'm British but live in Ireland and I'm a major fan of Hetalia: Axis powers, Alice: Madness Returns, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. My favorite food is lasagna (pasta!!!) and my favorite colour is black. ;D
Madelaine Edwards
You Write, Ellen Responds!
605 days ago

Dear Ellen, I watch you as often as I can on YouTube to catch up with all the awesome humour and the inspiring things you've done for so many people. All my thanks for doing what you do best, all the way from a 16 year old in Ireland. x x x