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Mable Schwalbach
Name Mable Schwalbach
Location Orlando, Florida
Age 76
Joined 609 days ago
Hobbies baking-helping others when possible
About Me I am a 75 year old mother and grandmother and wife. Who worked until I was disabled due to a fall. I love my friends and try to help them by driving kids to school etc. and watching them after school till their parents get home. My house was kind of a safe haven in my neighborhood and all the kids and parents call me granny. Our neighbors drop in for coffee about every day and we solve the world problems. Would to have a visit from Jeannie.
Mable Schwalbach
Message from Ellen
570 days ago


Mable Schwalbach
Win All the Prizes from Day 9 of 12 Days!
594 days ago

Hello Ellen. I am enjoying your show daily. It is such a bright spot in my day. Your genuine kindness and compassion are heart warming. I love the way you find out about somebody in need and follow up with surprising them with your great gifts. I'm hoping luck will come my way some day and that I will be lucky enough to win one or better yet all of your 12 days of giveaways.
Best regards Mable (nickname Arlene.

Mable Schwalbach
Win All the Prizes from Day 8 of 12 Days!
595 days ago

I have been watching your show daily and am enjoying every minute. I Love J.R.Martinez and admire him greatly. So proud of him and his accomplishments..He was great on Dancing with the stars. It was so great of you to give your other guest the 12 dys prize. I was so impressed with the ladies attitude who you tricked in to helping the man in the casts. Your show is a bundle of laughs and tears.

Mable Schwalbach
Win All the Prizes from Day 5 of 12 Days!
600 days ago

Great show today. Army wives stories really put their predicament in perspective. God bless them and their husbands. Still waiting for my name to appear on your winner list! Keep up the good work we love you

Mable Schwalbach
Win All the Prizes from Day 4 of 12 Days!
601 days ago

Happy Thursday Ellen we enjoyed your show today. Always a high in our day. Started my holiday baking today. Wish I could give you some of my goodies. Please keep me in mind for your 12 days give aways. You sure make a lot of people happy this time of year not to mention what you do throughout the year! God bless you

Mable Schwalbach
See the Winners from Day 2 of 12 Days
601 days ago

We've been watching every day. We love you and your show ..It is always a high spot in our day even when things are going badly. I would love to win your 12 days of give aways.

Mable Schwalbach
Win All The Prizes from Day 2 of 12 Days!
603 days ago

Love you and your show. We watch you every day and if we are not home we record your show. Would love to have the chance to see you in person and winning your 12 days would be great also. Your generosity and that of your sponsors is overwhelming. I am a 75 year old mother and grandmother who has helped my son raise his daughter from birth. she was a preemie born at 25 weeks weighing 1 1/2 pounds and is now doing well and in her second semester of Jr. college. would love to be able to help her financially but due to our own medical problems, do not have the financial abiiliy to do so . my husband is a double kidney/liver transplant and is experiencing more medical problems. God bless you Ellen Have a Happy holiday.