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Lynne Vicino
Name Lynne Vicino
Location Franklin Square, New York
Age 58
Joined 623 days ago
Hobbies dogs,music,nature,gardening,cooking,writing poems,all art,sky diving, beach,building and inventing things for my home,etc
About Me Diversified,love to laugh and dance,paint artisticaly and walls,existentialist philosophy,wish I could continue to teach,coach and heal but I'm glad to be alive since being crushed by two cars and medically put back together with ten years of rehab.Destiny from a past live I guess? God still has a plan for me. Ive always been a bridge for humanity.Since Sandy Ive actually lost hope.How many times can one keep reinventing ones life ?LOL Ellen you are a maverick.Thank you.
Lynne Vicino
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586 days ago

ho ho ho Merry Make Merry and then make even more Merry and then when you're almost out of Merry dig deep and make the most merry Christmas you can !

Lynne Vicino
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587 days ago

Yesterday was some day of gift giving. Ellen gave out every single thing on my Christmas list. She must be related to Santa and Madonna;cause it was almost scary .It was as if the ghost of Christmas future had seen my list and delivered. Then reality set in and I realized I'm not on the Ellen show audience nor will anyone give me even one of those wonderful gifts.I hope those people realize just how lucky they are to live near Ellen's show.Hey,some of those folk earn their gifts getting dunked,blindfolded musical chairs,scared to death and all the funny pranks they walk into as they attend the show. I have no pride I,d be in their in a snap. That show made me feel like a kid again hearing Ellen giving out all of my Christmas wishes. Amazing.

Lynne Vicino
Dog Gone
598 days ago

If you ever met a great dane you would agree TWO heads can only be better than one. This picture proves that.

Lynne Vicino
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601 days ago

You make magic for us all .Can you turn "The Twelve Days Of Christmas"into the 365 days of Ellen a song,theme,world wide practice .Nevermind you bring joy to us all all year long already. Thanks for being you anyway what could we all do with 3 French hens and 2 turtle doves etc

Lynne Vicino
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602 days ago

My dogs,my daughter and I send you every ounce of love,hugs and licks.
We are all high on the Ellen encouragement train its contagious .Keep all fun coming our way

Lynne Vicino
Jessica Biel, and the 1st Day of 12 Days!
602 days ago

Ellen Watermellon, A day without Ellen is a day without sunshine and yes you have lost your mind.Giving away so many wonderful gifts and its only day #1. What more could you do.Your set alone was a jaw dropper my dentist has never seen my mouth open up that wide. Ellen you are an elf saint for us all.Thank you;and for teaching us all to be as generous to as many as we can,too.

Lynne Vicino
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622 days ago

woemembercraxy-ss presents.Some peoplnot a local one.e must be ecstatic. I remember I was your first caller for tickets when you announced your show moons ago.I was so excited to be on the 1st ELLEN show,but then reality called to me. Lynne you are calling a California area code .Needless to say I called back to say I couldnt use two tickets since I couldnt fly to your 1st show.Funny.I waited to meet you at a book signing in nyc but you didnt show ,I loved the book and cds.