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Lynn Rogers
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Hobbies Watching Ellen, reading, blogging and spending time with my kids
About Me Married, unemployed nursery school. mother to two adopted children (3 and 10). Live in Johannesburg in South Africa...
Lynn Rogers
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518 days ago

Hi Ellen,

We absolutely live for your show all the way here in South Africa. We are hoping after your trip to OZ, you will plan a Safari here in South Africa.. you haven't lived until you have done that :)
My 10 year old and 3 year old absolutely adore you. My 3 yr old at the end of every show goes emulates your saying: "be kind to one another" and "anyway". My 10 year old thinks you are the coolest and most beautiful "over 50" dancer with the coolest moves around.
She is saving up all her pocket money to save up for a trip to the U.S.A. to come and see your show. So far she has saved R160...00. (+/-150 dollars.) She has been saving since she was 3 years old. She has been in adverts, in magazine publications and will do any chore offered to her for any price, and every penny she has earned has gone into her bank account towards this trip she promises to take all of us on. As parents we have managed to contribute a little bit towards the fund too over the years, but we are a single income family who have been through trying financial times.... but its amazing how a little can go a long way and somehow we are still able to put aside something to go towards a dream... and it is a family dream to be in the audience at one of your shows... so please don't stop doing the show until we have reached our goal....:) it may be a few years yet. We love you Ellen. You are a true human inspiration to all of us, my children especially.