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Lynn (Linda) Deardorff
Name Lynn (Linda) Deardorff
Location Midlothian, Texas
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Hobbies Travel, shopping, reading
About Me My favorite thing to do is travel out of the country, which I try do do at least every two years. Luckily, I have many relatives in England who are so much fun. I used to be one to be on the go constantly, until my youngest granddaughter, Aspen was born. I watch her pretty much full time, which can be exhausting but wonderful.
Lynn (Linda) Deardorff
Message from Ellen
229 days ago

It would be absolutely fantastic if Iwon

Lynn (Linda) Deardorff
Adoptable Pets of the Week
232 days ago

We love you Ellen. I have been trying to enter theP.A.L. contest. Could you please send me a link?
Thank you in advance,
Lynn Deardorff