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lynn hughs
Name lynn hughs
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Hobbies sewing, crafting,quilting, walking
About Me i am 56 and i have 2 daughters and 5 grand children ...all quite healthy for that i am blessed..i am not working anymore im not able.i live.with my oldest daughter and her family.i help her around the house at my speed not hers ,but every little bit here to get my 11 year old off the bus ,she just needs someone here glad i need to bemy life is quiet .thank you for reading .. lynn hughs need.
lynn hughs
Timothy Olyphant, Sarah Hyland
571 days ago

i enjoy every show i get to see. its amazing how you ellen,,can be so dry at times and the whole audience is falling apart in laughter. you are generous ,but it comes from your heart..and you love flipping those boxes ..the guests have as much fun as we do .. thank you for the laughter and the happiness you bring people,,way past the presents and more ..i thank you lynn hughs