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Lynn "Hope"Hails
Name Lynn "Hope"Hails
Location Jeannette, PA
Age 58
Joined 453 days ago
Hobbies Volunteering, gardening,special times #1 with hubby Doug, now 30 years, belonging to non-profit orgs., giving to others in need! Love movies, watching Ellen and making prayer blankets, card ministry...LOVE to send and recieve cards! Makes each day special 'cause someone thought of you. Giving to The Blackburn Shelter...Greensburg, PA abused women, and childen.Involved at my church, Ladies Guild, Red Hat Group...The Bella Rouge Clickers", Harrison City Area Woman's Club, 26 years, with Mom and sister first, now my other sister joined.
About Me Registered Nurse, go upward with my career, and had a catastrophic car accident 1989, Dec. 19th, right before Christmas. hoght I ruined my families and friends Christmas that year, but they called me their PRESENT that year. Mine, was that no matter what I have had to endure for 23 years, many many surgeries, plus, I thank God each and everyday I lived, and did not hurt our son, Brian, who was 16months old at the time. He was in the back seat, in car seat and all safety measures, PLUS, God was right there. He watched Momma be Life Flighted, and was not back home for almost one year. But, he is so very kind, like our two other daughters also, that were 11 & 12 when the accident occurred. Brian was tieing MY shoes when he was 3. lol. But, you turn your priorities all around when this presents in your life, and make each day like it was your last. My hubby and family plus friends are why I am here, always sending their love and support, and hubby at the hospital EVERYDAY, sometimes 2-3 times, or stay all night. Helps you keep on fighting to live, and never give up! Our life changed in a moment, and we have had many issues present here in or life, with me, sicknesses, surgeries, but love each other more than ever. We went on our 1st CRUISE in2009, and oh my we were like a spoiled King & Queen, and didnt want to get off the ship. Said we would go every year, now Doug, had open heart, triple bypass, pacer-defib, and his BP is being teated again. We still have ope, but he had to retire, past his open heart. We try on these fixed incomes to save, for another dream vacation, but something always comes up. But, you know we are blessed to have each other each day, no matter where we are. He worked 44.7 years as a millwright, and worked ALL the overtime he could, to support this family, and sending our son for catholic education. We planned for him to retire early, and me work 10 more years, as a nurse, but my accident changed that. With medical bills, and all, we haven't even been able to pay this house off, we bought when we married. We were going to move to a 55yo and over community, no equity in home to get the value up, well, Doug cannot do the work anymore. BUT, we have a 7yo pug, STAR and she is a true angle in our lives. If I cry, she will not leave my side until I am laughing and all happy again...our little therapy dog! So, as u can see, we are happy with what we have...EACH OTHER! We are millionaires in that rspect. Wish others knew how blessed it is counting your blessings with what u have, not what you want! But, we'd LOVE to come see Th Ellen Show, we watch that each day and it amkes the day more enjoyable. Bless yo Ellen, in all you do. You are our inspiration to keep giving what we can to others in need. Technology is improving each minute of the day, so Doug and I never give up with things we deal with to stay healthy. Yes, it's costly, but, we have faith that grows daily, and believe we are where we are suppossed to be. Would love to travel to see relatives and all to keep memories to cherish. With our FAITH, All things are possible with God. Matthew 19:26. WE BELIEVE! Don't you? God is always good, and so are you Ellen! Love, Lynn HOPE & Doug Hails
Lynn "Hope"Hails
Alison Sweeney, Michael Bublé, Moment 4
453 days ago

Alison Sweeney is the best ever on Days Of Our Lives!!! I have been watching Days for 48 YEARS, since I was 9! I would rush home from school, my best Mom would have an awesome snack, and we sat down and watched "Days!" And talked about my school day during commercials. I miss her now 17 years,but cherish all my meories I had with her. My husband Doug & I continue to watch Days everyday and record it also. "SAMMY...get married to your E.J. BUT RAFE was awesome, how did you leave him? Have another baby or something...your kids are dolls too!Excellent bringing alzheimers awareness in the show with Grandma Caroline. Doug & I started to volunteer at an Alzheimers Unit,through Heartland Hospice, doing music appreciation and you should see them all come alive...singing word for word songs, dancing, smiling, tapping toes, clapping. They remember the good ole' days, like they were yesterday!Like Ellen says, Be kind to others! It's very important and needed more in this da and age. Thank you for inspirational shows and making us laugh, Ellen and Alison...laughter will keep us, keeping on LONGER! Be blessed, we are, with those like you in our lives! Lynn who has Hope