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Dear Ellen,
I am a big fan! I think your brilliant. I am sure you do not understand the damage you and others are doing to the Unuit people of Canada. Your contention that the seal hunt is barbaric is quiote patently rediculous. The Europeans while wolfing down their veal and foi gras banned the import of seal products which are the life line of many Inuit . Thank goodness the Chinese are begining to import these products. Domesctic animals have for the most part terrible lives before they become our food, clothing shoes ect. The seal lives free and as nauture intended until a small number of them are hunted. If left unchecked seals destroy fish stocks and are the main predator of Penguins and other marine life. Only adult seals are hunted now . There has not been a white coat hunt for decades and the Inuit never hunted baby seals. Please educate your self. Lynn Brooks Yellowknife NWT Canada